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Purchase CE Credit: Raising the Bar on Infusion Therapy

A patient safety initiative at Baylor Scott & White Health

Molly A. Hicks, RN, MSN, director of patient safety
Jason Trahan, PharmD, pharmacy director - medication safety

Two experts from Baylor Scott & White Healthcare will address common barriers to smart pump compliance, drug library standardization and optimization and how they used a systems approach to make significant improvements.
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The Application of Agile to the Development of Medical Device Systems - September 2019


For many years software development teams have been using Agile Software Development methods, but Agile is not just for software. Agile’s Lean Product Development principles also apply to the development of hardware-based products and systems. This two and a half day course goes beyond small-team and software-only applications and demonstrates how Agile practices can be used in the development of medical device systems.

Registration Fees:

  • AAMI Members: $2135
  • Nonmembers: $2435
  • Government Employees: $950


Program Outline


DAY 1 | 8 AM-5 PM
Agile Overview, Assessing Your Organization's Current State; Agile Manifesto Principles; The Systems Engineering Engine
System and Processes;
Product Development Lifecycle Models; Agile Adoption Models

DAY 2 | 8 AM-5 PM
Stakeholder Expectations, Requirements, Definitions, and Agile Stories; Verification; Agile Software Practices Applied to Hardware and Mechanical; Backlogs for Feasibility, Spikes, Enablers; Release/Increment Planning; Satisfying the Quality Management System; Safety Risk Management, Hazard Analysis

DAY 3 | 8 AM-2:30 PM
Pending Update



Program Objective

Building on the concepts of the Effective Application of Agile Practices in the Development of Medical Device Software, this course will explore ways to apply Agile methods in the context of developing a medical device system that includes more than software. We will discuss specific ways to integrate Agile Methods and Systems Engineering techniques.



Target Audience

Systems Engineers, Software/Mechanical/Electrical Developers and Testers, Program Managers, Architects, and leaders of organizations developing complex healthcare products, whether those are large Healthcare IT systems, electro-mechanical systems with or without embedded software, or complex systems with multiple hardware and software subsystems.

Because this is an advanced course on the application of Agile, attendees should have a basic knowledge of Agile principles and practices, such as might come from Agile/Scrum training, or having attended the AAMI course related to AAMI TIR45:2012,“Effective Application of Agile Practices in the Development of Medical Device Software.”


Using a combination of lecture and discussion and exercises, this course will be a workshop where attendees apply the lessons of the course to their own context. Exercises are expected to be highly interactive, where attendees discuss their real-world scenarios and learn from each other.


Attendees will receive an electronic copy of the course materials.

Start Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
End Date:
Friday, September 27, 2019
8:00 AM - 2:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
AAMI Center for Excellence (ACE)
901 North Glebe Road Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22203
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WEBINAR: HTM Best Practices in Large Health Systems

Description: During this special HTM Week Webinar, several HTM Leaders who manage in-house HTM departments at large health systems will share their top best practices that were successfully implemented across their systems. These Best Practices are scalable and can enhance operational efficiency, performance and productivity in any sized HTM Department. Participants will have the opportunity to ask these HTM Leaders questions and advice at the end of the presentation.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Wi-Fi Enabled Healthcare

Focusing on its recent proliferation in hospital systems, Wi-Fi Enabled Healthcare explains how Wi-Fi is transforming clinical work flows and infusing new life into the types of mobile devices being implemented in hospitals.
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