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Core Competencies for the HTM Entry-level Tech

A Guide for Curriculum Development in Academic Institutions

The intent of Core Competencies for the HTM Entry-level Technician: A Guide for Curriculum Development in Academic Institutions is to provide academic institutions/schools that offer technician training for the healthcare technology management (HTM) profession with the following:
  1. a standard set of competencies that graduates of technician training programs (certificate, diploma, or degree) are expected to possess upon program completion; and
  2. recommended topics that a program curriculum should include in order for students to learn and possess the core competencies identified in this guide.
The competencies and topics in this guide are relevant to HTM technicians entering the workforce, and the topics reflect the knowledge and skills that entry-level technicians are expected to perform successfully in entry level positions regardless of the employment organizations, e.g., hospitals, clinics, independent service organizations, military, and manufacturers. This guide may also assist schools in preparing their graduates for professional certification, e.g., AAMI/International Certification Commission’s (ICC) certification exams.

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September 22, 2016
Second Edition, 2016
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