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ANSI/AAMI PB70 provides manufacturers with a consistent basis for creating device labeling claims regarding barrier efficacy against liquid-borne microorganisms. Through labeling requirements, the standard is also intended to assist end-users in selecting the appropriate protective apparel and drapes to inhibit the transfer of microorganisms associated with blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials.

Liquid barrier performance and classification of protective apparel and drapes intended for use in health care facilities

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This standard establishes a system of classification for protective apparel and drapes used in health care facilities based on their liquid barrier performance and specifies related labeling requirements and standardized test methods for determining compliance. By specifying a consistent basis for testing and labeling protective apparel and drapes and providing a common understanding of barrier properties (e.g., efficacy against liquid or liquid-borne microorganism penetration) based on this new classification system, the standard is intended to ultimately assist end-users in determining the type(s) of protective product most appropriate for a particular task or situation.

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June 21, 2012
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