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BMET Study Guide: Preparing for Certification, 2019 Edition

Preparing for Certification & Sharpening Your Skills

Designed for clinical engineers and biomedical equipment technicians to test their knowledge and sharpen their skills, the new BMET Study Guide has more than 900 interactive questions and answers-each with a detailed explanation.

Covering topics ranging from anatomy and physiology, to electricity and electronics, this is a popular resource for those preparing for the certification exam. It is equally valuable for those just seeking to reinforce their knowledge.

This newly revised version features more than 100 additional questions that address new topics included in the latest version of the test. While it does not mimic the exam, it provides insight regarding which topic areas, such as anatomy and physiology and the fundamentals of electricity and electronics, most likely require more attention and further study.

(Note: No one source can ensure passing the certification exam. Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 8, and 10. Not compatible with Mac.)

Please note that this is not the only study aid for the CBET certification exam and does not cover all items on the exam. Additional references for exam preparation are listed in the ACI Certification Candidate Handbook.

The development of the study guide was sponsored by Agility Health, Stephens International Recruiting, Inc., and TRIMEDX.
May 20, 2019